Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Instaknow?

Instaknow is the industry leading “Human Intelligence Automation” software and services company. Instaknow’s award winning Human Intelligence Automation software platform, Instaknow-ACE®, automates complex manual processing that conventional technologies like EAI, SOA, BPA and BPM are incapable of automating due to unstructured data and highly fragmented systems involved in the business process. With its patented "Human-like Intelligence", Instaknow-ACE easily automates the rules, triggers, system interactions and alerts your knowledge workers would use to complete their daily tasks. Instaknow's clients routinely save between 50-90% on the cost of manually intensive business processing and decisions using Instaknow’s smart process automation.

What makes Instaknow unique?

With its patented "Human-like Intelligence" based on Artificial Intelligence, the Instaknow-ACE platform easily learns and automates all steps of business processing you choose to streamline. The unique part of the Instaknow offering is its ability to read, process and update all types of structured and unpredictably formatted data, including complex multi-page documents, across fragmented systems. The Instaknow solution specializes in accessing, processing and updating real-time data from asymmetrical, difficult-to-integrate data formats like Web sites, blogs, social networking sites, e-mails, Word, Excel, PDF files, project plans, CAD/CAM drawings, images; as well as structured formats like databases, XML, SOA and APIs. All configuration is done using point-and-click wizards. NO PROGRAMMING IS NEEDED AND NO SYSTEMS NEED TO CHANGE. Instaknow has been granted five US patents already (US patent numbers 6732102, 7073126, 7437342, 7979377, 9443005), more than any other RPA (Robotic Process Automation) platform.

What can Instaknow do for my company?

Instaknow can help you streamline and eliminate manually intensive business processes to accelerate your business, enhance regulatory compliance with automated cross-system audits, provide better customer service and eliminate costly delays in gathering information required for critical decisions and new product launches. It also provides tightly integrated operational efficiencies in daily tasks like processing orders, customer service requests, accounts receivable collections, trouble ticket processing, and other routine and important business processing.

Why should I care?

Today's challenging economic climate requires organizations to wring excess time delays and costs out of their operation to ensure they are providing the best possible service to their clients and partners. Instaknow has been partnering with their clients for ten years to help them achieve operational excellence while reducing costs. Especially if you need to process high-volumes of complex, unpredictably formatted documents, we can immediately provide relief.

Who uses Instaknow?

Organizations ranging from FORTUNE 50 corporations to major international pharmaceutical companies to the largest US financial institutions to the world’s largest shipping and transportation companies, to state and local governments to the US military have deployed thousands of highly reliable and strategically important Human Intelligence Automation applications with Instaknow. For a sample listing of Instaknow customers click here.

How does it work?

The Instaknow-ACE Human Intelligence Automation Platform seamlessly complements your existing technology infrastructure and systems like EAI, SOA, ERP, CRM, SCM, regardless of variations. To implement an Instaknow solution, your Business Process Architect will use the Instaknow Designer tool to configure the automation of desired processes and link them to the source and destination systems and data. Once this is complete and tested, the Instaknow System Admin will deploy the solution to the Instaknow production platform. Once deployed, Instaknow’s automated processing does work equivalent to tens of people and in a fraction of the time taken to do the same work manually.

How long will it take to deploy my solutions?

The Instaknow-ACE Human Intelligence Automation Platform is a highly efficient design and deployment platform. Projects that use to take many months and years can now be developed, tested and deployed in weeks. The first deployable phase of an Instaknow application is usually available in 3-4 weeks and a full capability sophisticated system is usually complete within two to four months

How do I get started?

The first step is to complete a complimentary Instaknow application ROI assessment with one of the Instaknow service professionals. This usually is complete in a day and an initial design document and application deployment time frame can be rendered.

What is the difference of BPM, BPA and Human Intelligence Automation?

BPM and BPA can mean different things to different people. BPM can refer to Business Process Modeling, Business Process Monitoring or Business Process Management (i.e. user workflow coordination). BPA stands for Business Process Analysis or Business Process Automation ( i.e. cross-system integration based on databases, EDI, XML and APIs). There are many well known offerings from well established vendors that assert their place in the BPM and BPA markets.

All of these tools need well-structured, well -formatted data to work smoothly. The reality in most organizations is that in spite of having BPM and BPA in place, large number of people still have to get involved in even routine business processes because the information involved in that processing is not easily integrated, being unstructured or not well formatted. Examples are manual processing of business information in e-mails, attachments, partner/customer/supplier web sites, blogs, Word, Excel, PDF, Project files, CAD/CAM drawings………. the list of unstructured, hard-to-integrate sources is a long one. Instaknow’s Instaknow-ACE “Human Intelligence Automation” is the only software platform specifically created to close this “last mile” gap in automated processing capability. Think of it as (BPM+BPA) 2.0

Instaknow Human Intelligence Automation Platform stands alone as the simple, easy to use, pragmatic solution to automating and streamlining your organizations business processes and making your work teams more productive.

Does Instaknow work with software from Oracle, IBM, TIBCO and SAP?

Yes, yes, yes and yes. The Instaknow-ACE platform is the perfect complement to any existing internal or Web based application or architecture. Based on the Microsoft .NET platform, Instaknow will access, retrieve, process and publish structured and unstructured data on all major software platforms currently in place at your company.

How is Instaknow-ACE different from other application development platforms?

Instaknow-ACE is different because it has patented learning and system interaction capabilities that allow it to understand even the most complex steps in your business processes simply by watching examples of steps you wish to automate. From the examples, it programs itself to carry out the same system reads, updates, calculations, decisions, alerts for future activity of same transaction type. This “deploy-by-example” approach emulates human intelligence and drastically reduces the development time, effort , skill and cost needed to automate complex multi-system business transactions. If the integration or automation you are looking to achieve is complicated and difficult, Instaknow is ready to help solve your issues.

Why Instaknow now?

In today's challenging economic environment, every organization needs to do more work with less resources and do it at competitive speed and cost and provide innovative offerings to its markets. Instaknow is uniquely qualified to help your organization wring excess cost and streamline operations in a very short period of time.