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uspto The US Patent and Trademark Office

Instaknow’s fifth granted patent (US 9,443,005) demonstrates a new dimension of Instaknow’s Artificial Intelligence in solving complex real-world problems. The latest patent was granted for Instaknow’s new ability of reading and understanding the meaning of natural text, so that simple and complex questions can be answered precisely and automatically.
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uspto The US Patent and Trademark Office

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted Instaknow’s fourth patent (7,979,377) for Instaknow’s unique ability of comparing non-exact data across dissimilar and fragmented systems or “fuzzy” sources like Web sites, e-mails, documents along with well-structured enterprise systems and databases, all WITHOUT PROGRAMMING. This is a crucial advance, leading to advanced solutions like Real-time eCommerce price comparisons, competitive analysis, Social Network integration and accurate data entry into dissimilar Web systems.
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uspto The US Patent and Trademark Office

The US Patent and Trademark Office has granted yet another patent (7,437,342) to Instaknow. Instaknow-ACE® (Active Collaboration Engine) is distinct and unmatched. Deploying integrated business capabilities WITHOUT programming (code) is now confirmed to be unique in the industry...
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NJBiz Instaknow puts the navy in the Know

The software maker will show off its system for integrating combat information Instaknow is going to war. Armed with a U.S. Navy grant, the S. Plainfield maker of artificial intelligence software is developing programs to seamlessly integrate and retrieve information received from surveillance and tactical operations..... ...<< Read More
City of Philadelphia Instaknow’s Philadelphia Solution Breaks New Ground For Integrated Social Services

Benefiting caseworkers, clients and tax payers, this integrated Case Management system is a model for all large cities Philadelphia engaged Instaknow’s award winning “No-Code Business Process Management ™” software to integrate real-time information and automate business processes across multiple city agencies’ disparate backend systems, web-based portals, and client-server systems. The software’s automated intelligence...
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ONR Instaknow wins Navy Grant Award

Instaknow Wins Navy Grant Award to Automate Software Systems Integration Instaknow has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant by US Navy Office of Naval Research to build solutions that enable rapid insertion of innovative and advanced Command and Control (C2) and Combat System technologies into the complex open-architecture framework of existing combat systems for naval tactical and surveillance operations. Instaknow’s patented “Adaptive Intelligence” software...
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LSP Instaknow Awarded Louisiana State Police Contract

Instaknow-ACE selected to rapidly deploy vital solutions
The Louisiana State Police (LSP) will use the Instaknow-ACE “no code” patented software platform to build much needed data integration and process automation solutions for its Fusion and Analytic Center. Introduced to LSP by Apogen Technologies (New Orleans), state police officials were impressed with Instaknow’s ability to integrate digitized information from disparate sources within LSP, interoperate with other Louisiana agencies...<< Read More
CWID Instaknow awarded CWID 2005 top performer status

CWID (COALITION WARRIOR INTEROPERABILITY DEMONSTRATION), a joint chiefs of staff annual event enables U.S. combatant commands and the international community to investigate new and emerging technologies. The demonstration builds a temporary global network over which cutting edge technologies are evaluated for utility, interoperability with existing and new systems, and security...<< Read More
Rockwell Collins Instaknow helps Rockwell Collins to build real time dashboards and manages $350 million Air Force Contract

Instaknow’s unique software platform, ACE (Active Collaboration Engine), has been deployed by Rockwell Collins to build program management real time dashboards in support of its newly won contract with the United States Air Force (USAF)...<< Read More
SAIC Instaknow Signs Joint Marketing Agreement With SAIC

Instaknow Inc. and Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) have combined resources to address one of the most immediate and critical challenges facing the newly formed Department of Homeland Security (DHS)...<< Read More
Apogen Instaknow Signs Joint Marketing Agreement With SAIC

January 3, 2006 (South Plainfield, NJ) – Instaknow and Apogen Technologies announced today a partnership that will bring the Instaknow Active Collaboration Engine (ACE) ® into Apogen’s current work developing information systems for first responder agencies....<< Read More
Lockheed Instaknow named to Lockheed Martin $700 million EPA information Technology contract

January 7, 2005 (South Plainfield, NJ) – Instaknow has been selected by Lockheed Martin to support a recent EPA award: Information Technology Solutions-Environmental Systems Engineering (ITS-ESE). This nine-year contract , worth approximately $700 million provides a wide range of environmental, administrative and research systems engineering services to the EPA nationwide....<< Read More
Apogen CQ Homeland Security: Firms Partner on Responder Software Projects

A Virginia technology firm announced last week it is partnering with the maker of patented software in providing emergency information systems for first-responders. McLean, Va.-based Apogen Technologies and Instaknow of South Plainfield, N.J., said they are working together on several projects using Instaknow's patented Active Collaboration Engine....<< Read More
GCN Army briefing get up to date

Army senior managers have always relied on briefings for updates on major programs.But until recently the information in in the presentations often was outdated but the time the briefings were made, said Emerson L. Leslar....
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