Instaknow leverages its core team of innovators to “think out of the box” and create unmatched solutions useful in any industry. We offer products that deliver immediate value and are easy to use.

Typical core enterprise systems like ERP/CRM/SCM/BPM/RPA and related data processing architectures are designed to work with structured, well-defined information. However, much routine business information is available only in separate, loosely-defined sources like documents, Web sites, Search engines, e-mails, attachments; continually requiring manual intervention to keep the business process moving. This manual involvement in routine work is slow, expensive and error-prone.

And things are going to get worse. A leading IT analyst firm has projected 650% growth in Enterprise data between 2009 and 2014, with 80% of that being unpredictably formatted, ruling out easy integration.

Instaknow-ACE® - Human Intelligence Automation

Instaknow’s “Human Intelligence Automation” software - Instaknow-ACE® - has patented “human-like” capabilities to fill the gaps in current IT process automation architectures. It specializes in processing fuzzy, unstructured and fragmented information, converting it to structured information and linking it to your core systems in real-time. More

Insta-Intelligence™ - Research Automation and Deep Web Mining

Insta-Intelligence™ offers patented capabilities in web extraction and HTML automation to monitor blogs, newspapers, specialized search engines as well as the ‘Deep Web”. It can monitor the web 24 x 7 and make nuggets of specific “trigger” information actionable faster than any other scanning technology or hundreds of eyeballs. More

Instaknow’s highly sophisticated innovative approach in advanced process automation goes far beyond conventional BPA, BPM, EDI and SOA and has been granted four U.S. patents - 6732102, 7073126, 7437342, 7979377. Several additional patents are pending.

Benefits to IT

Leveraging Instaknow’s unmatched technical advances, IT departments can offer innovative business solutions to their business partners. Thanks to Instaknow’s “no-change-to-any-system” and “self-program” paradigms, you can deploy more value to your business with minimal resources and highly compressed timelines. We will help you to meet the highest expectations in terms of cost control and agility.

Benefits to Business

Instaknow can help you streamline and eliminate manually intensive business processes to accelerate your business, provide better customer service and eliminate costly delays in gathering information required for critical decisions and new product launches. It also provides tightly integrated operational efficiencies in daily tasks like processing orders, customer service requests, accounts receivable collections, trouble ticket processing, blog monitoring, Business Continuity Management and other routine but important business processing.