Press Release - Instaknow Wins Navy SBIR Award

Instaknow Wins Navy Grant Award to Automate Software Systems Integration

South Plainfield, NJ.
July 18, 2006

Instaknow has been awarded a Phase I Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant by US Navy Office of Naval Research to build solutions that enable rapid insertion of innovative and advanced Command and Control (C2) and Combat System technologies into the complex open-architecture framework of existing combat systems for naval tactical and surveillance operations.

Instaknow’s patented “Adaptive Intelligence” software builds automated processes, custom rules and logic across all disparate digitized sources without code or change to existing systems. Instaknow was selected from a field of more than (60) proposals to fulfill the requirements of research grant topic N05-163 (Navy) “Tools for Rapid Insertion or Adaptation of Combat System Capabilities” to “preserve and capitalize on the enormous investments made in existing and new information systems.”

The technical objectives of the Phase I research are to leverage the Instaknow-ACE capabilities to investigate and evaluate advanced approaches for:

Armida Macri, Instaknow’s SBIR Program Manager, believes that the Navy was impressed with “Instaknow’s unique ability to build automated solutions rapidly, without code across all digitized sources.” Armida also led the effort responsible for Instaknow’s 2005 Coalition Warrior Interoperability Demonstration “Top Performer” award presented by the Department of Defense Joint Forces Command.

Instaknow’s award winning “Adaptive Artificial Intelligence” software is deployed to support large government, military, and corporate operations.

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