Press Release - Instaknow Granted Fourth Patent!


(August 18, 2011) South Plainfield, NJ.

Automatic Comparison of Cross-system Data - Without Programming

Instaknow’s fourth granted patent (US 7,979,377) further demonstrates Instaknow’s innovation in solving complex business problems. The latest patent was granted for Instaknow’s unique ability of comparing data across dissimilar and fragmented systems or sources like Web sites, e-mails, documents as well as enterprise systems and databases, WITHOUT PROGRAMMING, simply by clicking on point-and-click wizards. This allows Instaknow’s clients to react to business challenges in real-time, without massive, multi-year IT efforts. Examples of such solutions are Automated Fraud Investigations and Background Checks, Real-time eCommerce price comparisons, competitive analysis, Social Network integration and accurate data entry into dissimilar systems.

Instaknow leads in Process Automation with other patents

Patents 7,073,126 and 7,437,342 protect Instaknow's artificial intelligence software wizards that understand the "business context" of any electronic data and know how to handle that information in the future. As staff would be trained, Instaknow "watches" how a process is conducted and learns that operation. Show Instaknow-ACE an example of how staff fulfills an order, responds to an emergency, tracks project funding and deliverables, or any other manual process. Instaknow learns the related system interactions and repeats them automatically whenever that process needs to be initiated and completed. Automating gathering, analysis of information across silos and the web, and the resultant business actions, empowers real-time decision-making, cuts costs, and drives new revenues to be invested in other vital areas.

Emulating Human Intelligence

Patent 6,732,102 was granted for Instaknow's advances in "Pattern Matching" artificial intelligence, capable of reliable real-time reads-updates with HTML web based system interfaces and other "non-formal" data sources (e.g. e-mails, WORD, EXCEL, PDF). Instaknow wizards emulate human intelligence to auto-discover and auto-adapt the original example scenario to ongoing and unpredictable data changes from such sources. Highly reliable automated interactions with existing browser based systems interfaces and documents enable rapid, accurate responses and eliminate manual errors and omissions.

Instaknow's "Human Intelligence Automation" capability is in a class by itself

Instaknow's trademarked "Results Oriented Architecture" exceeds the benefits offered by SOA (XML based "Service Oriented Architecture") while avoiding its inherent time, cost and risk due to the need for reengineering complex systems. Instaknow’s clients believe that the best way to leverage a valuable system is to integrate it WITHOUT touching it!

Instaknow Solutions Deliver "The Agile Enterprise"

Today's challenging economic environment across corporate and government sectors has created sweeping needs for Instaknow's automated solutions. The first to respond to market changes, new regulations, and the need for innovation will win in today's economic and political climate.

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More patents to come... Stay tuned!