e-Assistant for Fraud Investigation (AFI)

The cost of fraud globally is over $3.5 trillion each year! How much money is fraud costing your business?

While it will never be possible to stop every fraud from happening, what if you could stop more frauds with less work, and protect your business' hard won assets?

What if you could increase the number of frauds stopped by 200% - 500% and save your business hundreds of thousands of dollars a year?

Enter AFI, the e-Assistant for Fraud Investigation, a customizable, tireless, electronic investigator that learns your processes automatically & significantly mitigates losses associated with fraud.

AFI allows investigators to skip countless of hours of manual data collection, and dedicate the majority of their time to closing cases and stopping frauds.

How AFI Works

AFI learns from investigators as they perform the routine tasks of searching for, gathering and compiling data. AFI then takes these learnings and begins performing the monotonous manual work of gathering and compiling data.

AFI does this all without the need to recode or change your internal systems in any way. AFI deploys seamlessly into your existing network and begins delivering tangible business results almost immediately.

What AFI Does

Reads/updates/gathers electronic data anywhere: databases, websites, e-mails, attachments, documents (Excel, Word, PDFs), blogs, legacy system screens, and more.

Delivers results to core systems – just like trained staff.

Handles a magnitude of more cases than human investigators can.

Searches an unlimited number of databases quickly & accurately without the burn-out factor associated with human fatigue.

Discovers, correlates, updates & publishes real time data.

Deploys in less than 4 months – without changes to existing systems.

Produces substantial benefits right from the start:

Starting today, stop more fraudsters in their tracks! Contact Instaknow for more information about AFI and how it can protect your business.

The investigator-robot associated with Automated Fraud Investigation (AFI) solutions is implemented through Human Intelligence Automation (HIA), a multi-patented, Artificial Intelligence (AI) based platform by Instaknow, Inc.

HIA replicates & improves on any knowledge work performed by a human. The technology has been deployed in hundreds of solutions within Fortune 500 companies, the US Government, and the military.