Business Continuity Management Solutions

Business Continuity Management - Active emergency response with real-time tracking and actions

How prepared are you to respond rapidly and correctly to a major business disruption like a pandemic, natural or man-made disaster?
How will you quickly recover and resume support of your clients and partners if half of your staff is taken out because of a massively disruptive event?
If you are like most organizations, your current Business Continuity Plan is a paper document sitting on a shelf, stating what your preferred emergency response (policies, goals and actions) is. Implementing it in reality is easier said than done!

Instaknow Solution

Now you can configure and automate YOUR preferred emergency response policies, goals and actions with Instaknow’s real-time adaptive intelligence. Instaknow detects change in data from any number of systems (Human Resources, Trouble Tickets, Identity Management, Video Monitoring, GPS, First Responders, Web portals, News, E-mails) in real-time and triggers YOUR preferred response plans and track them through their entirety. Real-time executive tracking, oversight and guidance of the response is threaded-in as desired. Employees get automated real-time alerts and instructions ( e.g. “Proceed to alternate locations 4 and send e-mail when reached”) via hand-held devices, cell phones and can access the system remotely to report their status. The system tracks each employee’s movement, location and status to ensure Business Continuity. Various emergency scenarios can be modeled and drills can be run to practice the response for each scenario to measure preparedness.

Leveraging Instaknow’s built-in “Federated Server Architecture”, Business Continuity plans are executed in parallel from multiple geographical locations to ensure continued execution of the plan regardless of physical damage to infrastructure in one location.


Business Continuity Management