Call Center Solutions

Improved Customer Service, Lower Head Count, and Reduced Costs

Improve the efficiency of your contact centers, while reducing cost, and most importantly, delivering greater customer satisfaction.

Instaknow's Call Center Process Integration Solution (CCPIS) does just that.

CCPIS utilizes our multi-patented Human Intelligence Automation Software, providing automatic intelligent email responses, fulfilling orders immediately and dramatically eliminating time and resources spent on data re-entry.

The benefits to your business and customers are powerful with huge headcount savings and drastically increased response times.

Most importantly, Instaknow integrates into your existing systems with no need to recode, modify, or change internal database systems in any way, substantially reducing the time, effort and cost of implementation.

CCPIS learns from your existing contact center employees in order to automates the time intensive process of data re-entry. It can also automate responses to a huge data bases of customer problems and inquires, allowing you to control your headcount, while delivering faster responses to your customers.

Instaknow clients have already realized huge benefits from our Call Center Process Integration Solution, cutting data re-entry headcount by 85% and improving data accuracy to nearly 100%.

Take your contact center to the next level today with solutions from Instaknow Inc. You stand to realize massive savings and greatly increased customer satisfaction, so why not contact us today for more information.