Integrated Network Management Solutions

Many well known commercially available network management products offers vital real-time capabilities of network disjoin/disconnect detection, throughput monitoring, virus attack detection and prevention, security breach/intrusion detection, measurement of usage for billing and expansion planning, fault/trouble tracking and resolution etc. In addition to monitoring, these products provide real-time alerts to network administrators and enable automated or administrator intervention for remedial/corrective actions. Examples are: CiscoWorks 2000 ®, HPNetwork Node Mgr ®, NetIQ AppManager ®, NetIQ End2End ®, Remedy ®, ISS Internet Scanner ®, Enterprise Security Manager®, Secure Logix ETM ®, Cisco Intrusion Detection ®, SAN management, Ai Metrix NeuralStar ®, Concord Ehealth ®, IBM Tivoli ® and NetCool ® (Trademarks owned by respective owners).

While each of these products is effective, typically it is limited in providing BROADER network awareness to facilitate timely awareness and intervention. New “integrated status monitoring” and “rapid intervention” capabilities are needed to assure effectiveness of high-throughput, high-availability, real-time knowledge-decision-action networks. Complex network problems can be detected and addressed faster if capabilities of multiple monitoring products are integrated using real-time information sharing and decision-making in a wider scenario.

Instaknow Solutions

Instaknow links real-time statuses of all network monitoring mechanisms with network design diagrams (Visio, AutoCAD etc.) and provides an integrated network status view to authorized users via browser based dashboards. Network behavior anomalies are automatically detected faster, their ripple effect is predicted and alerts are routed to specific administrators and users as desired.


Network Operations