Real Time Dashboard Solutions

Instaknow No-Code Automation in Real Time Dashboards

Conventional dashboards are based on a “data warehouse” approach which requires every source system to be re-programmed to feed the data warehouse. While this approach was sufficient for historical trend graphs, it cannot provide a real-time view that can be used for instant, operational decision making.

Instaknow-ACE ® provides unmatched advances in real-time decision empowerment. With Instaknow, the data continues to reside in the original source systems. It is retrieved just-in-time when needed, correlated and evaluated in split seconds to assure real-time awareness needed for reliable operational decision making. Sources of data can be legacy systems, Web sites, XML, data feeds, Excel, PDF, WORD, project plans, CAD drawings, databases, e-mails…. practically any and all electronic data you are authorized to access.

Instaknow’s dashboards are “always on”, monitoring multiple systems and sending alerts even when you are not logged in. Now you will know not only the “WHAT” but also the ‘WHY” of your operations: