Automated Web Research Solutions

Save Hundreds of Hours with Automated Web Research

How many hours have you and your team spent hunched over a keyboard, pouring through website after website, generating leads, conducting competitive intelligence, or performing any number of routine web research activities?

Dozens, hundreds, thousands..............

What if you could walk away from the keyboard, and conduct all your web research with a single click?

What if you could produce more results faster, with less headcount and at a vastly reduced cost?

What if you could employ a tireless research expert to work for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with no burn out and no mistakes.

Instaknow's Insta-Intelligence solution is that expert, and it can totally transform the way you conduct research.

Our Insta-Intelligence software automates the manually intensive process of web research, accomplishing in minutes what traditional research methods accomplish in days.

Insta-Intelligence is built of our multi-patented Human Intelligence Automation (HIA) technology, learning from and mimicking actual human search behavior. Scouring an unlimited number of internal and external data sources, such as Google, social media sites, and CRM data bases, the software compiles and delivers it results in real time, updating databases and alerting project leads with its findings.

Examples of Insta-Intelligence Solutions Include:

Most importantly, Instaknow software integrates into your existing systems with no need to recode, modify, or change internal database systems in any way, substantially reducing the time, effort and cost of implementation.

Insta-Intelligence has already delivered impressive results for multiple Fortune 500 companies. One Insta-Intelligence client, a top 10 pharmaceutical company, used the solution to identify key opinion leader physicians for the roll-out of a new drug. With Insta-Intelligence the company was able to identify 1,000 KOL physicians to target for the roll out, completed their go to market strategy 30% faster, and reduced manual research hours by 93%, producing massive savings!

Let Insta-Intelligence create the same kind of results for your business, all with no need to re-code or change your existing systems.

Free yourself from the keyboard, and start delivering real results for your business today by contacting Instaknow for more information on how Insta-Intelligence can transform the way you do search.