Advanced Data Interaction Solutions

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If you can train a person to detect and capture data, process it and update it, you can easily train Instaknow’s wizards to do the same. You can mix data interactions with lookups, correlations, conditions/rules, alerts and updates in any manner as required to completely automate the processing across multiple data sources.

Instaknow’s advances include artificial intelligence that learns from business case examples shown by a user to auto-discover and remember what action should happen on which system or data source under a certain combination of business conditions. The learned intelligence is then automatically applied to similar business cases from that point on, automatically putting transaction specific real-time data in any HTML (Internet/Intranet), green screen (mainframe/AS400/Telnet) or client-server application and automatically clicking on the correct links and buttons. When the other application responds, the data of interest is automatically extracted and is made available to the composite business rules for further actions. Now you can leverage all current client-server, green screen and HTML based transactions as if they were a Web Service, but without the need for costly XML re-programming of that functionality. Similarly, data can be read from and published to e-mail, Excel/Word/PDF documents without programming. Run-time exceptions are detected and reported automatically, to be handled readily by your preferred business rule response, e.g. re-try, back-out, ignore, log error/warning and proceed etc.

Once trained, the automated interactions can be triggered on demand by business users, can run automatically at desired frequency, called as a SOAP Web service or as an API call from your current programs.

You can mix ANY number and combination of sources (e.g. two online applications accessed via browsers, two mainframe applications, different Excels, e-mails and databases) all in the same real-time transaction processing. All interactions are completely object oriented and can run in parallel with other multi-system transactions of same or different types.

Training Instaknow is just like training a person. No detail programming required! You can quickly start linking complex multi-system data in your business processes to save large amounts of manual cutting and pasting work, and the related delays, costs and potential for errors. Instaknow has consistently reduced 75%+ manual data work for many high-transaction-volume clients within 2-3 months.

Please watch this 30 seconds demo video clip to see how Instaknow automates browser and mainframe interactions to correlate real-time data, applies rules and sends conditional alerts for immediate actions.

Instaknow Real-time Integrated Emergency response Video