Get the Most from Your Instaknow System

Making changes to your existing systems can often be a lengthy, convoluted process requiring untold hours of professional and other support services. Often the solution doesn’t easily integrate with the existing architecture or the capabilities don’t live up to the claims, resulting in lengthy implementations and increased costs.

With Instaknow, neither problem exists. Our software programs itself from your business process examples. No systems need to change, dramatically reducing the risk involved in changing systems . Our services team focuses on helping you get the most from your Instaknow Human Intelligence Automation Suite in minimal time, utilizing a comprehensive set of services:

Design and Implement in Weeks and Months, Make Enhancements and Changes Anytime

Instaknow employs a unique, proven and complete methodology for deploying advanced, high value solutions. When combined with the comprehensive feature set of the Instaknow Human Intelligence Automation Platform, it enables you to design and deploy your system in weeks, and make changes whenever necessary—reducing your implementation time by up to 80% compared to traditional BPM and BPA vendors.