Research Automation and Web Mining

Instaknow has deep expertise in advanced Web mining and research automation. Our experience has shown that LESS THAN 1% of the information returned by any search engine is useful in a more targeted business context. Instaknow’s Web mining replaces work of hundreds of people, dramatically cutting costs. The results are stored and shown in a highly flexible, fine tuned access control manner for rapid and fully informed actions.

Instaknow’s easy, robust and patented capabilities in Web extraction and HTML automation means you can monitor blogs, newspapers, specialized search engines as well as the ‘Deep Web” 24 x 7 and make nuggets of specific “trigger” information actionable faster than any other scanning technology or hundreds of eyeballs.

Instaknow’s “Insta-Intell ™” Web Mining framework is multi-lingual. Currently it supports Web mining in 25 languages. The specific reason/context of your interest can be specified in any language through a user friendly browser interface. The Web mining results are translated back into your preferred language. Complex, UNICODE languages are supported.

We have deployed highly successful, “always-on” research automation solutions for large organizations to provide deep and broad insight into highly fragmented information indicating underlying trends/themes/categorization of interest. Examples include automated research in: